About us

Our studio is producing photography and videography content with the highest production values. With talented staff includes designers, photographer, videographer, makeup artist, hairstyle, fashion, post video production and content writing.

Whatever the size of your project whatever your vision is you can count on our creativity and state of the art technology to get it done right.

We deal in “clients in INDIA, DUBAI AND SOUTH AFRICA”


Video editing- or post-production

We offer various post-production solutions including:

Onset post-production services and support during filming, be in control of the edit as it happens – footage from camera to completion on the day.

Asset management, filming many different products and tracking each media asset as it moves through the workflow.

Retouching: we offer video retouching services and have a range of software solutions and techniques.

We can tailor our services to meet your Creative Brief and provide support and assistance along the way. Contact us for more information.

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